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SeaMount Series

They are men molded by adversity.

Warriors wrested from unholy lives, they are called to serve their God on missions of mercy and in covert operations.

Going where they are needed, they use their skills to rescue the lost and defend the innocent.

Out Of The Wilderness – Book 1

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Former Navy SEAL Grayson Kerr’s honor has become tarnished working as a soldier for hire. A newfound faith in God has him longing to restore his integrity. His new mission is to qualify for a job with the SeaMount Agency so he can be one of the good guys. In the midst of a wilderness survival trial he discovers a woman and her children lost in the forest. Abandoning his own mission in order to help them could disqualify him for the job.

Sophie Moore has fought to hold heart and home together since her husband’s death. To lose custody of her daughters to his influential parents would be her undoing. Determined to make every moment together count, Sophie plans a weekend away. Almost at their destination, she takes a wrong turn and becomes lost in a labyrinth of logging roads. The scruffy, hard-edged soldier that finds them is their only chance at survival.

From the wilderness of Maine to the SeaMount Agency headquarters on the coast of Rhode Island, Gray works to expose the criminal plot behind Sophie’s custody battle. He jeopardizes getting the job he wants for having the love of the woman he needs. Being a good guy may cost him his one shot at redemption.


Coming Fall 2014!

SeaMount agent, Jack ‘Preach’ Conroy’s assignment is to bring Lucinda Lavalle home to her worried grandmother. A former Army Ranger, he has the skills to handle the op in a tropical island teetering on the edge of civil war. What he isn’t prepared for is Lucinda’s resolve to stay on the island and his growing attraction towards her. Sassy and irreverent, she challenges his faith at a time he’s fighting his own losing battle with God.

Lucinda Lavalle can’t go home. Her grandmother’s safety depends on her staying away, but there is no reasoning with the determined agent, or her traitorous, unlucky-at-love heart that wants to trust him. Committed to protecting her at any cost, Jack dares her to stop running from God and him, and believe she is worthy of their love.


Whit McCord  – He’s the rowdy beneath the Stetson. And DON’T call him a cowboy! He’s a horseman.


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