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“My times are in your hands…” Psalm 31:15

Transitions make me uncomfortable. Big or small, I don’t like those in-between times. Leaving church or work, my ‘good’ clothes feel uncomfortable and I want to get home and change. But even the physical act of undressing and redressing is bothersome as I struggle to re-focus my energy. Preparing to go on vacation, traveling to a chosen destination, I’m anxious. I’m between home and there – in limbo. Is it any wonder the huge, sometimes traumatic life changes leave me gasping like a guppy out of water?

The school year ends this week. My schedule changes and I’ll work only one job instead of two. Should I make a ‘bucket list’ for summer? Things I want to do and things I should do? Will I stay vigilant maintaining my weight loss? I’m in that uncomfortable zone anticipating the switch from my winter schedule to my summer schedule.

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven…” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Even the transitions. The in-between times.

In creating time, God could have skipped the transition times. How often I’ve wished I could wiggle my nose like Samantha on the old TV program Bewitched, and ‘pop’, I’m in a new place, a new time. But God didn’t create time that way. He wants me to travel the bridge between the old and the new all the while leaning on Him.

Guess I’d better figure out how to be comfortable with the daily and seasonal transitions so when the next big change comes along, my focus will remain on God and His plan for me

About anitakgreene

I write romantic adventure for the inspirational market. I enjoy needlework, papercrafting and gardening. I'm at home in the Ocean State with my husband, son and a spoiled Belgian Malinois.

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  1. Nita ~ The first step is always the hardest, and you’ve accomplished that and more – you’ve identified the problem AND the solution! God is faithful, He knows our weaknesses, and has promised that His grace is sufficient moment by moment (II Corinthians 12:9).

    We tend to bite off “more than we can chew” – but that is not God’s perspective – it is just our silly attempt to take the short cut. Some work – like the childhood path to Aunt Phyllis’ – but most don’t! Especially when God is molding us to be more like Christ.

    Carry on, sweet sister – you are such an encouragement to me and others!!
    Love, Jan

    • Your right. I do bite off more than I can chew… or do. I want to hurry to ‘what’s next’ and be in it knee deep sooner rather than later. I hadn’t thought about the path to Aunt Phyllis’ in forever. Wonder if the rut we wore in the ground is still there.
      Love you.


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