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A Skiff of the White Stuff

In this practically snow-less winter, a light dusting that would have been poo-poohed in the past is exciting to see. This morning, we woke to about a half an inch on the grass and deck. I’m sharing a Zentangle tile I created a few weeks ago. I was waiting for a snowy day to share. Considering the winter we’re having – this may be it!   My title for this tile is ‘Snowday’.

About anitakgreene

I write romantic adventure for the inspirational market. I enjoy needlework, papercrafting and gardening. I'm at home in the Ocean State with my husband, son and a spoiled Belgian Malinois.

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  1. Zentangles!! What a beautiful art form! Love your tile!! We haven’t had any snow either. I used to think my sister was nuts because she loved snow so much, but when you haven’t seen it for a year, it definitely takes-on an unexpected magical quality as you watch it float to the earth and wrap your world in a blanket of glistening-white. Suddenly everything turns very quiet and fairy-like. It truly IS magical; I was nuts to think she was nuts!!!

    Linda Lou

    • We have snow in the forecast for Saturday! I’m glad. The shoveling isn’t easy, but the reward is a steaming cup of hot chocolate. Yum! The kids with sleds and men with snowplows on their trucks will be happy. It’s been a lean year for the fellas who landscape during the summer and plow snow during the winter. Yes, it’s magical. And if you and Cynth are nuts, then so I am. Same family tree! xo


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