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Wimpy Winter…

Yesterday we had record breaking warm weather. The thermometer reached into the high fifties!


This morning-


Not a big storm, but for this warm, dry winter 

– any snow makes us happy!

About anitakgreene

I write romantic adventure for the inspirational market. I enjoy needlework, papercrafting and gardening. I'm at home in the Ocean State with my husband, son and a spoiled Belgian Malinois.

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  1. Say it isn’t so, Anita? That’s just too cold with that snow. Fifty is fine, but that snow looks frigid! It was mid-70’s here today and it felt so nice with the sunshine.

    • I didn’t truly appreciate the snow till we didn’t have it and nature turned all topsy turvy with pansies popping up and blooming in December and ‘summer insects’ flitting about outdoors in January. Call me crazy, but this snow feels ‘normal’. I look forward to the mid-70’s in Spring and Summer.


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