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Living #D-Strong

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January is whizzing past and I still haven’t wished you a Happy New Year. I’ve been mulling over what to say that would be inspirational.

I just tossed out all my ideas because right now, in my hometown, there is a story—a life being lived—that is grander and more inspiring than any thing could I write.

If you have spent any time on social media or watching the news, you have heard of Dorian Murray. A bright 8 year old boy who began his fight with cancer four years ago. Early this month, just after the start of a new year, his mom and dad received the devastating news that cancer cells had shown up in his spinal fluid.

Dorian and his family made the decision there would be no more treatments. What time he had left, they would spend making memories.

A few days after that decision, he told his dad he wanted to be ‘famous on that bridge in China.’ The Great Wall of China. Since the travel would be too much for him, he adjusted his goal. Before going to heaven, he wanted to try to be as ‘famous as much as he could.’

Family and friends took to social media. What followed has been incredible.

His wish to be famous has gone global.

People have responded from all over the world and yes, from the Great Wall of China. Astronauts, celebrities, the famous, the not-so-famous, local businesses, faraway newspapers, first responders, military personnel, puppies and kittens have rallied ’round a little boy with a big, beautiful smile.

There are lessons for us in Dorian’s amazing story.

Dorian’s wish was simple, but BIG. He wanted to be famous. How about our dreams? Are they big? If not, why not? Let him be our inspiration to dream big!

His wish has given people all over the world the opportunity to connect with something bigger than themselves. Dorian reminds us that reaching out is a good thing. There are people who need our help, and there are people willing to help us.

And finally, whatever you choose to do this coming year, cover it with prayer. Dorian’s Facebook page is titled, Praying for Dorian. Before this young boy made this wish, family, friends and local churches were holding him up in prayer. Thousands continue to pray for ‘D’ and his family. Prayer can move a mountain—and create a global movement. Don’t under estimate your dream—or where it will lead—when you invite God to participate.

The following links are a place to start if you want to know more about Dorian Murray. Just enter his name into any search engine to see who is reaching out to this young hero.

CNN article

NBC News

The Westerly Sun (hometown newspaper)

Happy 2016 to you and yours!



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