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Miracle In Black – Available Now

miracle-in-black-thumbnailI’m excited to announce that MIRACLE IN BLACK is now available.

Carrie and Aaron are the youngest hero and heroine I’ve written so far. She’s nineteen years old and he’s twenty-five. Their story makes me laugh and cry. That’s why I finally decided I wanted to publish this book — the first full length novel I wrote. It’s the book that should, according to traditional advice, stay hidden under the bed. I just couldn’t do that to these two characters.

Written 12 years ago, smart phones were not part of our lives. I updated and changed the plot where necessary. Also, my ‘voice’ is more developed and that meant rewriting sections to sound like my SeaMount books. Thanks to my wonderful editor, Judy Roth, the story is much better than it was when I entered it into contests and shopped it to agents all those years ago.

I  hope you enjoy Carrie and Aaron’s story. After you’ve read their story, if you could be so kind as to leave a review where you purchased the Miracle In Black, I would appreciate it so much. Just a couple of words will do. There are some places I cannot advertise the book until I have a minimum number of reviews. (And the review doesn’t have to be a 5 star – though I try my best to make every story deserve 5 stars.)

Click below to go to the book page.
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If you love to read a real book, the print version is coming soon. The files are being formatted to go to the printer.

And a special note for a special friend — QueenMommy, contact me! I ‘lost’ your last email.

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