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Fireplace Mantle – Christmas 2013

Sparkle and Light

Sparkle and Light

This year I didn’t do my usual ‘over the top’ decorating throughout the house. We have our tree with Son’s collection of Old World ornaments and I gussied up the living room fireplace and the china cabinet in the dining room.

The mantle came out beautiful. Perhaps ‘less’ really is more!

The mirror is from ‘the girls bedroom’ at home. The vase is a piece from my milk glass collection. Silk poinsettias and red ball ornaments add color. White lights and gold beads add sparkle.

Have you finished your holiday decorating?

Grateful for the Ordinary

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The early morning song of a cardinal joyfully greeting a new day.

The soft patter of much needed rain. The drought has ended.

A tearful reminder that God is near and He cares for the grieving and the lonely.

The struggle to do something new.

The happiness that accompanies success.

The smile of a loved one.

Chocolate pudding with whipped cream.

Ordinary moments accumulate into days filled with more gifts than can be counted.

And sometimes we think the day was unremarkable.

There’s no such thing when blessings are acknowledged and gratitude expressed for the gifts – great and small – we have received.

Mother’s Day ~ The Cards. The Hat.

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Following are the two Mother’s Day cards I created for my mom and my mom-in-law.

I had a thing for flowers this year! On the first I sponged a small paper doily with moss green ink  to use as the background for the flowers. On the second card, I embossed the background with the Cottage Floral embossing folder from Craft Concepts then colored it with chalk.

And finally, here is the hat I wore for Hat Day at church. Lace, ribbon and a vintage pearl button!       

Wearing hats is not the norm in my church, so this is a fun way to include all women in the the celebration.

I was blessed with a day full of sunshine, love and laughter.





Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!
Sitting Bull


Happy First Day of Spring!

As I sit here writing, I can hear the spring peepers in the pond. I love to listen to their ‘jingle bell’ music – it’s a sure sign that the season has changed and new life is springing up. The maples are red with buds. The crocus and daffodils are blooming. A misty green blankets the woods heralding the leafing of the trees. When asked what my favorite time of year is, I always say Autumn. It’s flamboyant with color and drama. I forget that I love Spring just as much. Perhaps that’s because Spring slips quietly over the landscape and if I’m not watching and listening for the signs that she’s arrived, I’ll miss her. So, welcome, Spring. I’m happy you’re here!

Lamb, Hancock Shaker Village

Sow and piglets at Hancock Shaker Village

Tulip Garden – Governor’s Palace, Colonial Willimasburg

Floral Pencil Cup




Our office is color-coded. Everyone uses a different color – purple, pink, blue and, for obvious reasons, my color is green. I wanted to use green in my pencil cup in order to match my clipboard, stapler, pens, markers and scissors. Couldn’t stick to just green. Needed some other colors, too. With spring around the corner and the green tips of the daffodils and tulips popping up everywhere, I chose a floral theme.

How’s that for a gussied-up pineapple can?

I’m pinning it to my Pinterest board  titled My Creations. If you don’t know about Pinterest, pop in and explore. Click on the red ‘Pinterest’ at the top of the page and see what everyone is pinning. Lots of fun ideas.

Happy Wednesday!

Shabby Chic Flower Card

Shabby chic – soft and opulent with signs of age. That’s what I think of when I look at this card I made for Mommy.

Layer paper, fabric, cheese cloth, and tissue paper. Sew a button in the middle of the stacked layers then spray with heavy-duty spray starch till soaking wet.  Scrunch and shape then let the flower dry. The drying takes a few days because of all the layers. Then attach to a card front with Glubers.

Raid your fabric and ribbon stash and have fun creating one.

Shabby Chic Card

Wednesday Potpourri

  • Today was the last day of school. So many goodbyes, hugs and tears. Presents received included the Gerbera Daisy pictured below, Chinese candies and sea shells.
  • Picked my first basil today.
    Overnight, my daylilies have bloomed enmass. Bright orange blossoms on tall stalks.
  • Have a bumper crop of chipmunks this year. I like them, but draw the line at having them visit the office. I chased one curious little bugger back outdoors where he belongs.
  • Bumper to bumper beach traffic is here – even on the weekdays.
  • ‘Corn and pickles’ are code words.

Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer.

The ‘Beauty’ of Research

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I became curious about orchids while researching a story I have yet to finish. Reading about orchids isn’t the same as actually having them in the house to care for, so I decided I had to have one. At that time the local florists didn’t carry them. On-line, I found a grower/dealer a few towns over so with Old Roady behind the wheel, we were off to get me an orchid!

It’s easy to love an orchid in bloom. But leathery leaves and green snakey roots climbing out of the pot without a blossom in sight can be a little disconcerting. Multiply that by hundreds and I was disappointed to say the least. A dealer’s greenhouse is not to be compared to the annual flower show.

Toward the back of the greenhouse there were a few in bloom, so I chose a pretty white one, whose name I have lost – the word ‘crane’ was in there some where. Then I took a chance and picked one that wasn’t flowering. The name included the word ‘ruby’ so it seemed a good choice. (To any diehard collectors reading this, you’re probably rolling your eyes. Please don’t judge me too harshly.)

I’ve lived with my orchids for five years which is way longer than I thought they would survive under my care. Thankfully, they thrive on a little neglect. Ruby blooms constantly, sending up spikes that, if not clipped back, get longer and longer until I run out of ways to brace and drape them and have no choice but to cut them back. On both Ruby and Crane, the blossoms last forever.

I’m glad I took a chance that day in an uninspiring greenhouse tucked away at the end of a bumpy dirt drive. I love my orchids and they love me. We’re happy together and that’s all that matters.


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