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Aunt & Uncle Day

Remembering all my aunts and uncles today. Wish you were all here for two more family gathering.
A summer clam bake with Daddy’s brothers and their wives.
A Christmas party with Mommy’s sisters and their husbands.
Life was good back then even if the face I’m making says otherwise. (WHY am I wearing my Girl Scout uniform to the party?? I didn’t even like Girl Scouts. Maybe that’s why I’m making the face….)

Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th

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The humble sock. It has so many functions. It will keep our foot warm when it’s cold. It will make wearing shoes more comfortable. It will had a spark of color or fun to a blah wardrobe day. The thing about socks – for the majority of us – they are best worn in matched pairs. Lose one and the other will languish in single sock prison.

There are many reasons for some sock disappearances. Some are easily explained.
A household may shelter sock losers (they come in all ages) or a sock stealer –
 But the disappearances that have yet to be figured out are the ones that take place in the laundry room. That functional area of the home where socks vanish without a trace. No one sees or hears a thing. As a pair, the socks enter the wash and dry process but only one completes the cycle.

Here’s my theory: It’s the spinning! Whether washer or dryer, at some point in the process, the centrifugal force flings a sock into a parallel universe inhabited by a race of single footed folk who have no way of producing their own sock and, therefore, need a steady supply from our washers and dryers.

Today let’s remember all the sacrificial socks that have unexpectedly left home in order to make someone else’s foot a little warmer.

What’s your sock disappearance theory?

Name That Villian

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I’ve begun work on the next book in my SeaMount Series. In all my notes I’ve referred to my villain as Mr. Man. How creative! Time to name that villian!

Since this book takes place in the Caribbean, I wanted a name that would reflect the Spanish culture of ‘my’ island. I had several names in mind and kept mixing and matching then searching on the internet to see if any real person had such a name. Too many people went by the common given names and surnames I chose to put together. So I decided to go for something not so common. Something a little less obvious.

Guess who’s mug shot popped up on my computer screen?

My villain is alive and well and living high on the hog in a Florida prison.

Scratch. That. Name.

Last thing I need is this guy googling himself only to discover I’ve used his name and profession (Bad Guy) in a story. Nope. Don’t need the likes of him contacting me. It’s one thing to have a villain I can control with the tips of my fingers on a keyboard. It’s an entirely different matter having that villain living not only on the same planet but in the same country. Perhaps a little far-fetched but not worth the risk. Even with a disclaimer in the front of the book, I’d rather side-step a potential problem that involves a mug shot. 

Or a police line-up….

Me, Aunt Yvonne, Greg, Candy and Daddy

Me, Aunt Yvonne, Greg, Candy, and Daddy

Recently, have you chosen to change or avoid something rather than take a risk?

The villains in this old Halloween photo are: (from left to right)
Big game hunter – Me with my stuffed tiger won at a carnival. Not sure if the gun was Daddy’s duck hunting gun (how times have changed) or a pop-gun we played with as kids.
Aunt Yvonne – A last minute phone call for an impromptu Halloween party didn’t stop her from coming up with a costume. Miss hearing her laughter.
Greg – Not sure what he was trying to be in that costume, but he was the best little brother.
Candy – Little Bo Peep looks lost without her sheep. Sisters rock!
Daddy – In Mommy’s clothes because that was the closest thing to a costume he and Mommy could come up with. Love that he did this for his teenage daughter.

Happy Birthday, Elmo!

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If you’d like to wish the little red dynamo a Happy Birthday, hop on over to Facebook! He’s very excited about this special day.

Today’s quote: “Elmo loves you!” Elmo of Sesame Street

Penguin Awareness Day!

Today, January 20th, is National Penguin Awareness Day.

“A penguin without a heart song is hardly a penguin at all!”  Miss Viola

Happy New Year



1/1/12 A new beginning... A date that makes me smile.

Vintage Saint Nicks

You have no idea how many times I changed the title of this post. Antique Santa Claus. Vintage Father Christmas. These are decorations from my youth! Labeling them as ‘old’, ‘vintage’ and ‘antique’ is the same as slapping a label on myself. (Hush the snickering!) Without further ado, here are some of my Santas. Worn around the edges. Colors faded. Straggly beards. Trim in tatters. I love them just the way they are.

This Santa is on a wind-up base that no longer works. He would have spun round and round. He’s sitting on a gift box that hides the mechanism and possibly a music box.

This Santa in his sleigh pulled by one reindeer is made of soft rubber and rocks. A child’s toy, he’s the perfect size for small hands to hold, but is a modern day toy maker’s nightmare! The tiny bell with chain and fuzzy beard = choking hazard.

A handmade sock Santa with black leather mittens and boots.

This ornament consists of  just the upper half of Santa. The red felt has faded to a pretty peach. And, I have no idea who Marty Sprinczeles is.

This Father Christmas is one of my creations so he isn’t an antique, but the quilt used for his coat is a very old velvet crazy quilt. I trimmed it in mink from a coat rescued at a tag sale. His frame is a large tomato cage so he stands almost four feet tall.

Another one of my creations. This Father Christmas stands about 12″ tall. His coat is made from a piece of old red and white quilt and trimmed in white fur. He stands in a shadow box above my computer. One of my all-time favorite Christamas decorations.

Merry Christmas!

May you have…

May you have the gladness of Christmas which is hope;
The spirit of Christmas which is peace:
The heart of Christmas which is love.
Ada V. Hendricks 

Christmas Memories

Just a few pictures from past Christmas celebrations. Happy memories.

 Wreath on the church door.

Serenity… anticipation…

Silly, happy, oh, no moments…

Festive feet

Cinnamon ornaments

Not-so-gray squirrel.

Merriment and smiles

And to all a good night…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

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