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Seeing From God’s Perspective


It’s easy to become completely wrapped up in my own small sphere of family, work, and responsibilities. There are times this is necessary and not a bad thing. That is where I’ve been and perhaps because of this hyper-focus the following felt like a wake-up call.

The Story is Bigger Than Yourself.
“Your prayers play a critical role in the harvest of souls. Destiny is not about you, but rather a purpose God has positioned you for that is bigger than yourself. You are entering into and inheriting a six thousand year labor of prophets, martyrs, reformers, and missionaries who came before you.” Lance Wallnau

I’ve always believed I’m here in this place at this time for a purpose. I look around me and can see all kinds of reasons why God has me here now. But I’ve never thought in terms of ‘Destiny’ or a purpose bigger than anything I can imagine. (And I’m pretty good at imagining!)

I can trace my Christian heritage back four generations. But, have I considered the thousands of years that went before that? I should be looking back as well as forward. Going bigger and wider and trying to see from God’s perspective where the past, present, and future all exist at the same time. It’s mind-boggling and makes me feel small. Which is just the opposite of how I should feel.

So how do I reach for a Destiny I can’t see and an inheritance larger than my understanding? I go back to the first sentence in the quote. “Your prayers play a critical role in the harvest of souls.” I remain faithful in prayer and the seeking of His will.

Most days I’m focused on the next hour and the next necessary step. But there will be those precious days when I will remember to look up, and I will marvel that I am invited to be a part of God’s epic story.




Christmas Wrap up!

Took the tree down this past weekend and attended the last Christmas party of the season. Finally, the cookie crumbs have settled. Now that all the gifts have been opened, I can share pictures of several that I made.

Vintage clear glass buttons make this icicle sparkle!  The buttons are strung on light blue embroidery floss.

Button icicle

This hanging snowman’s hat is actually a rosy color. Made of cotton quilt batting, I sprayed stiffener on the back of it to give it a little more structure.Hanging Snowman

Here’s a close up:Hanging snowman close-up

The Victorian Santa was made for my son. He’s patiently waited years for me to make it for him. I presented him with the basic Santa on Christmas morning and let him go through my bins of trims to choose what Santa would hold. Kent's Santa trimmed

I love writing my stories, but creating these items reminded me how much I also enjoy the process and satisfaction of  creating with my hands. Looking forward to 2015, there will be time spent in my craft corner.

Available on Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

Available on Kindle, Nook and iBooks.

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Goodbye, Summer.

Summer and early morning walks on the beach go hand in hand for me. As we say goodbye to summer, come with me for one last stroll along the Rhode Island coastline. We’re walking along a piece of coastline only a mile or two east of where the SeaMount series is set. Breathe deeply. There’s a tang of salt in the air.


A calm morning.

A calm morning.



A flock of sandpipers and one piping plover.

A flock of sandpipers and one piping plover.


Blue shell crab.

Blue shell crab.


Piping plovers - their nesting areas are protected.

Piping plovers – their nesting areas are protected.


Slipper shells clinging to a stone.

Slipper shells clinging to a stone.


Wedding cake sand sculpture. Was there a wedding on the beach last night?

Wedding cake sand sculpture. Was there a wedding on the beach last night?


Huge horseshoe crab. He's dead.

Huge horseshoe crab. He’s dead.

…but this one is very much alive and carrying freeloading slipper shells…

…but this one is very much alive and carrying freeloading slipper shells…


A foggy morning. A train of waves coming ashore.

A foggy morning. A train of waves coming ashore.


Seaweed on the beach after a storm.

Seaweed on the beach after a storm.


'Summer cottages' against the morning sky.

‘Summer cottages’ against the morning sky.


The blue of the Atlantic Ocean meets the blue of the sky.

The blue of the Atlantic Ocean meets the blue of the sky.


Slack tide. Where the water coming in from the ocean meets the water leaving the salt pond.

Slack tide. Where the water coming in from the ocean meets the water leaving the salt pond.


A beach rose with a visiting bumblebee.

A beach rose with a visiting bumblebee.

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In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment

For the past several weeks my prayers have been those of a whiny child. I want what I want, and I want it now. If I were God (and aren’t we all glad I’m not?), I’d turn a deaf ear on myself. Which is why it makes me crazy when He’s so quiet. I picture Him with His fingers in His heavenly ears singing the ‘la-la -a-I-can’t-hear-you’ song. Thankfully, He’s more gracious than that.

Seriously? I’m sick of me! I’ve been needy and wanting, always looking at what I don’t have instead of being thankful for what I do have. Always wishing God would work out His plan for me  on my schedule and not in His perfect time. Constantly asking, “Am I there yet?” “When?” “Why?” “Why?” “Why?”

I dug out my gratitude journal. (Yes, it got buried… again. Boo, me.) For the next few days, one day at a time, I’m going to concentrate on praise, thanksgiving and intercession for others. Wonder how many minutes I’ll manage to do this before I stray into the Land of Me and have to get back on course? Apricot Sunset  Attitude Adjustment

Praise the Lord. Praise the Lord, O my soul.
I will praise the Lord all my life;
I will sing praise to my God as long as I live.
Psalm 146: 1-2

Aunt & Uncle Day

Remembering all my aunts and uncles today. Wish you were all here for two more family gathering.
A summer clam bake with Daddy’s brothers and their wives.
A Christmas party with Mommy’s sisters and their husbands.
Life was good back then even if the face I’m making says otherwise. (WHY am I wearing my Girl Scout uniform to the party?? I didn’t even like Girl Scouts. Maybe that’s why I’m making the face….)

Tropical Birds in Tennessee

Back home from a vacation in Tennessee! My family has visited the area many times. We enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

This was the first time we visited Parrot Mountain and Gardens. What a wonderful place. Hundreds and hundreds of tropical birds. I was so enchanted by the birds, I didn’t fully take in the tropical vegetation and the cottages.
 Domestic parrots and cockatoos often outlive their owners. Parrot Mountain takes birds in need of a home or in need of rehabilitation. There is a huge variety of birds in the bird garden where birds sit on open perches. Visitors are allowed to feed them and have them perch on  shoulders and arms.

Because many of these birds come from loving homes, they’ve been taught to say words. What fun to hear ‘I love you’ or ‘whatcha doin’ and turn to find a cockatoo peering at you hoping for a treat.

The lorikeet aviary was delightful. Step into the avery with nectar in hand and the lories descend. Birds being birds, we wore long sleeves and took hats to wear. I forgot to put my hat on. Thankfully, my hair didn’t get any ‘special treatments’.
The staff members were helpful in every way. They were readily available to answer questions, take photos or rescue unsuspecting visitors from sassy glasses snatchers and ear nibblers. The visit to Parrot Mountain and Gardens was the highlight of our trip.

Have you visited Parrot Mountain or any other tropical bird attraction?

Happy First Day of Spring!

As I sit here writing, I can hear the spring peepers in the pond. I love to listen to their ‘jingle bell’ music – it’s a sure sign that the season has changed and new life is springing up. The maples are red with buds. The crocus and daffodils are blooming. A misty green blankets the woods heralding the leafing of the trees. When asked what my favorite time of year is, I always say Autumn. It’s flamboyant with color and drama. I forget that I love Spring just as much. Perhaps that’s because Spring slips quietly over the landscape and if I’m not watching and listening for the signs that she’s arrived, I’ll miss her. So, welcome, Spring. I’m happy you’re here!

Lamb, Hancock Shaker Village

Sow and piglets at Hancock Shaker Village

Tulip Garden – Governor’s Palace, Colonial Willimasburg

Floral Pencil Cup




Our office is color-coded. Everyone uses a different color – purple, pink, blue and, for obvious reasons, my color is green. I wanted to use green in my pencil cup in order to match my clipboard, stapler, pens, markers and scissors. Couldn’t stick to just green. Needed some other colors, too. With spring around the corner and the green tips of the daffodils and tulips popping up everywhere, I chose a floral theme.

How’s that for a gussied-up pineapple can?

I’m pinning it to my Pinterest board  titled My Creations. If you don’t know about Pinterest, pop in and explore. Click on the red ‘Pinterest’ at the top of the page and see what everyone is pinning. Lots of fun ideas.

Happy Wednesday!

Christmas Memories

Just a few pictures from past Christmas celebrations. Happy memories.

 Wreath on the church door.

Serenity… anticipation…

Silly, happy, oh, no moments…

Festive feet

Cinnamon ornaments

Not-so-gray squirrel.

Merriment and smiles

And to all a good night…

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

The Day After Thanksgiving ~

No, this is not about Black Friday. I don’t ‘do’ Black Friday.

Today is a quiet day to wind down from yesterday. Time to put away the Pilgrim canape knives, box up the leaf-shaped dishes and remember yesterday.

The food was traditional and delicious. Place setting name tags adorable!

Family fun abounded. From the surprise of a nephew coming in from Hawaii – only his mom and dad knew! – to the shared giggles.
 This year we walked the beach…
And we watched the sunset…
Thanksgiving was a delicious, magical day.

Today – the day after – is for remembering.

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