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A Skiff of the White Stuff

In this practically snow-less winter, a light dusting that would have been poo-poohed in the past is exciting to see. This morning, we woke to about a half an inch on the grass and deck. I’m sharing a Zentangle tile I created a few weeks ago. I was waiting for a snowy day to share. Considering the winter we’re having – this may be it!   My title for this tile is ‘Snowday’.

Zentangle Class Show and Tell

Took another Zentangle class with my favorite CZT, Jeanne Paglio at Laurie’s Art Learning Center. The women and young girls in attendance were fun and amazingly creative.

Following are the tangles I produced in our two hours together.

I tend to use lots of curly, loopy patterns, so was happy to find a straight lined pattern that I LOVE. I’m currently reading The Canopy by Angela Hunt. This tile reminds me of a dark rain forest with vines.
I named this tile: Canopy.

When we ‘dropped the string’ for this tile, I made more loops and spaces than any one in the class, so I finished this at home. It reminds me of a meadow in a thunder and lightning storm. The name of this tile: Rainy Meadow.

This little flower was fun to do. I think it would be adorable cut out with a scalloped circle die and used on a card.  I titled this tile: Funky Flower.

For this tile, Jeanne challenged us to use our non-dominant hand. A good practice that forces us to use the other side of our brain. It was hard to do, but oh-so satisfying to see the pattern come together as we tangled. When I was finished I felt as though I was looking out of an airplane and seeing the fresh tilled fields of farmland. I titled this tile: Farmland.

Odd how my brain was so focused on the earth when choosing titles for my work.

At the end of class, we were presented with a little ‘wand’. The card reads: To help inspire the Zentangle in you! Relax – Reflect –  Renew – Replenish & Reveal (the artist within)

Two New Zentangle Books

Sometimes when you tangle, don’t you just wish your fav CZT could be sitting with you playing, too?

Certified Zentagle Teacher, Jeanne Paglio, has published two books that are the next best thing to sitting in her studio.

Zentangle Tangling Fun guides you through the basics and the five R’s of tangling.

Tangling in Color inspires you to pull out your markers, colored pens and pencils.

Both books have plenty of patterns for inspiration and blank shapes printed on the pages for practice and experimentation. A great way to ‘learn by doing’ so you’re sure to love what you create when you work with your official Zentangle tiles.

Below is one of the shapes from Tangling in Color. I drew a string, tangled and accented with my colored pencils. I’m pleased with the results.

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