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Miracle In Black

Can a single mom with trust issues and a wrung-out cop who has lost faith in himself and God, find love and learn to trust their lives to God’s safekeeping?

miracle-in-black-thumbnailLeaving an abusive boyfriend endangers Carrie Lillibridge and her infant son. She is a new Christian and still unsure if God truly hears her pleas for protection. Aaron Black isn’t exactly what she prayed for – but apparently he’s the answer.

The last thing Aaron needs in his life is a woman in trouble. Against his better judgment, he appoints himself protector to Carrie and her baby. The only thing he’s getting out of the deal is a bellyful of angst and the ponytail holders that keep slipping from her red-gold hair. The little spitfire is testing him to the point that he feels the need to start talking to the Almighty again.

Will Aaron and Carrie trust God and accept the plan He has for their lives?

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Genesis Finalist (ACFW) 2006

The Rebecca Contest  1st Honorable Mention 2006

Coming Fall of 2017

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  1. Oh, now I’m excited about your story, “MIracle in Black”. Will it be published soon? Also I’m dying for book 2 of the Seamount series, can’t wait. Will it be out soon? 🙂 Can you tell I LOVE your writing?!

    • I love this story! It’s not part of a series. Just a stand alone story and the first full length novel I wrote. I want to revisit it with a good edit (I’ve learned a lot since writing it) and then will publish it (Get out of my head, Shelley! LOL).

      Still plugging away on Jack and Lu’s story. At this point, my 10 hour work days at two day jobs are KILLING me. When school is out, the writing will speed up and I’ll regroup and get Into The Deep finished. Yay!! I think I’m as anxious as you to have that story out there. I love the characters – difficult as the two of them are!

      Oh, Shelley, thank you for posting a note. You are such an encouragement to me.
      Have a wonderful week.

  2. Yay, just consider me your number one fan! 🙂 Also, think of me as your cheerleader and encourager on your books.

    I tell you what, I LOVED “Out of the Wilderness” and can’t wait to get my hands on some more books! I started re-reading it again and it is so good. This time I’m really trying to pay attention to descriptions and personalities of the other guys at Seamount. The Seamount idea is the coolest, I want to go live there!

    Yikes, 10 hour days and 2 jobs, wow. I feel silly being tired over swim lessons and birthday parties this last week. 🙂

    Well, no pressure (maybe a little) just remember, you can do it , you can do it, go, go, go…. hee, hee

    Have a great end of the week!

    • DON’T feel silly because you’re tired over swim lessons and birthday parties, Shelley! A mom is on call 24/7 with very few days off. Your fatigue is warranted. 🙂

      Thank you for the wonderful goodreads review! Your favorite scene is also one of my favorites. lol

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. I really loved you first story I cant wait to read your next one!!!! God bless

  4. When will the next book in the ,Seamount series be out? Loved the first one!

    • Hi Susan,
      Finding your note in my in-box was so uplifting. I’m glad you enjoyed Gray and Sophie’s story. I haven’t a release date for Into The Deep just yet. Thank you for contacting me. I pray that you have a wonder-filled Sunday.

  5. Anita, I just finished reading Out of the Wilderness and just bought Into the Deep to read next. I love, love, love Out of the Wilderness! Just reading your intro to Miracle in Black, I know that I would love to read it also. Will it be published soon? Thank you so much for publishing in the Christian Fiction genre. It is greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Debbie,
      So happy you enjoyed Gray and Sophie’s story!
      Miracle in Black is slated for publication this year. I have a tentative plan and I need to get cracking. Can’t believe February is already here. On the one hand I want the time to slow down. On the other hand, I’d rather that happen in July when I don’t have to shovel snow every four or five days! 🙂 Thank you so much for contacting me. Anita

  6. Linda Thompson

    I, too, loved Out of the Wilderness and am eagerly anticipating Miracle in Black. Colorado is a little far to offer to come help you clear your “palette” so you can get your book done. I’m in the process of moving 75 miles from where I am now living (clergy hubby is retiring second time to volunteer with Hospice Bereavement program.) I will completely moved in in about a month but there is much to do meanwhile. I”ll pray (selfishly) for you to have smooth sailing and get back to writing which you do brilliantly and blessedly! I love Christian fiction and fact genre reading. Would it be a spoiler if I asked if a place like Seamount actually exists? Would be great if it did. Happy writing!
    Your Sister in Christ,

    • Hi Linda! You are so sweet to want to help me clear my schedule. Fortunately, it is elder care that is occupying my head (if not my time) these days. There is a day job, too, but with four elders – two age 86 and two about to turn 90 – they are a major focus. I say ‘fortunately’ because they really are treasures. Having both my husband’s parents and both of my parents still here on earth with us is a blessing. And though there are days we have to remind ourselves of that, we wouldn’t want it any other way. God is good. To have the prayers of my mom and dad for this long in my life is something very special.
      I pray for my readers in my morning quiet time as I know so many of you are going through life changes and trials, too. Moving is a huge change, I pray that God blesses you abundantly in your new situation.
      Did you know that Preach’s story is out there? INTO THE DEEP is a bit more action-packed as he struggles with God’s leading him into ‘something new’. On the black bar at the top of this page, run your cursor over the words ‘SeaMount Series’ and a list will drop down for the books.
      A place like SeaMount? Funny you should ask! The building that I’ve headquartered the men in is loosely based on a local resort — an old Victorian hotel, that was taken down and rebuilt using what could be salvaged. Very expensive as it is in the wealthier part of town and on the beach. Taylor Swift owns a mansion just down the street. 🙂 Here is the link: Have fun exploring.
      Take care as you pack and move. God bless you.

  7. Just finished reading both Seamount novels and loved them! I was looking for more written by you! Is Miracle in Black available? More SeaMount novels? I’ll be patiently waiting! Sounds like you’re busy!

    • Hi Suzanne! It’s always a blessing to hear that the stories God has given me are enjoyed by readers. I’m editing Ethan’s story. (I need to get the blurb on my website!) No specific date for publication yet, but will make an announcement when I’m closer to having it done. Miracle in Black is still in edits. You are so sweet to be waiting patiently. Thank you so much for contacting me. Blessings, Anita

  8. Hi Anita!

    Ok, so I’m confused is the next story not on Whit? I need to go back and re-read your awesome books because now I can’t recall of the top of my head, which one is Ethan. 😦 What happened to my memory?! Heehee

    • Hey there!! Was just talking about you yesterday. My mom asked me about ‘the lady that likes your stories and emails you’. 🙂 (She almost 90 yo and currently in a nursing home. Fingers crossed she’s able to leave next week.)

      I HAD to write Ethan’s story next. It’s a novella so it’s shorter than my full length novels. He’s the African-American agent. His story is closely related to Jack’s story and the island of St. Beatrice. (You have no idea how many ways I rewrote that sentence so I didn’t give away the ending of BENEATH A STARRY SKY!)

      Whit’s story will be next. Promise. And it will be a full length novel. Has to be. He has way too much to say. 🙂

      Enjoy Father’s Day with your family.

  9. Aww…..your Mom’s a sweetie I can just tell. I’ll be praying she can leave the nursing home next week!

    Ah ha, the light bulb has gone off, that makes total sense! Thank you for helping my old memory along. 🙂 Well, I can’t wait to read Ethan’s story and Whit (be still my heart) I’ll be trying to be patient for his story as well. “Rubbing my hands together”, their stories are going!!!!!

    Yes, happy father’s day to your family as well!

    Blessings friend!

  10. Julie Reemelin

    I love the SeaMount series with the adventures & faith of finding God working things out for his good.


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