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The Blue Crab Blues

I met him on an early morning walk on the beach. He was at the water’s edge on his back, legs waving in the air.

Thought I’d lend a hand by flipping him right side up. I expected him to scuttle back into the water, grateful for my heroics.
He didn’t move.
I nudged him with my sneaker which, because I was barefoot, I held in my hand.
He rose up on his legs and tried to look threatening but would have nothing to do with helping himself.
I stamped my feet.
He waved his claws in defiance.
What a grump! I showed a little mercy and got attitude in return. So I wished him luck fending off hungry seagulls and went on my way.

The episode made me think about my life. How many times has God shown me mercy and set me back on my feet? Like the silly crab, there have been times I’ve refused to follow God’s leading and chose to depend on myself. Instead of submerging myself in God’s will and tender care, I’ve sat high and dry on the sand, thinking now that I was right side up, I had everything under control. Only to have another wave of heartache or suffering come along and flip me upside down again.

On my return walk, the crab was still there. Once again he’d been caught in the wash of a wave and flipped on his back.

I walked away.

God never walks away. He give’s second chances. (Even if it’s 200th second chance.)

I will never leave you or forsake you. 
Hebrews 13:5 






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