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Daisy Card

I needed a quick card this week and turned to the stash of cards given to me over the years. The ones that are special at the moment but not ‘keepers’ … but yes, I have kept them because how can I toss something someone paid hard earned cash for, not to mention the time spent choosing it especially for me? Those cards are beautiful and bright. Using pieces of them in the cards I make extends their life.

Do you like the daisies? Those are from the front of a lovely card given to me by my wonderful mom-in-law (who bears no resemblance to the mother-in-law jokes out there.) A bit of embossing, a snippet of dotted ribbon, paper lace punched with the Doily Lace punch by Martha Stewart and ‘Ta-daaa‘. A cheerful card.

What secrets do you have for creating a last minute card with a minimum of fuss?



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