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Tropical Birds in Tennessee

Back home from a vacation in Tennessee! My family has visited the area many times. We enjoy the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

This was the first time we visited Parrot Mountain and Gardens. What a wonderful place. Hundreds and hundreds of tropical birds. I was so enchanted by the birds, I didn’t fully take in the tropical vegetation and the cottages.
 Domestic parrots and cockatoos often outlive their owners. Parrot Mountain takes birds in need of a home or in need of rehabilitation. There is a huge variety of birds in the bird garden where birds sit on open perches. Visitors are allowed to feed them and have them perch on  shoulders and arms.

Because many of these birds come from loving homes, they’ve been taught to say words. What fun to hear ‘I love you’ or ‘whatcha doin’ and turn to find a cockatoo peering at you hoping for a treat.

The lorikeet aviary was delightful. Step into the avery with nectar in hand and the lories descend. Birds being birds, we wore long sleeves and took hats to wear. I forgot to put my hat on. Thankfully, my hair didn’t get any ‘special treatments’.
The staff members were helpful in every way. They were readily available to answer questions, take photos or rescue unsuspecting visitors from sassy glasses snatchers and ear nibblers. The visit to Parrot Mountain and Gardens was the highlight of our trip.

Have you visited Parrot Mountain or any other tropical bird attraction?

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