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Pillows From A Vintage Quilt

The cloth is fragile and the colors muddy with age. The squares are machine stitched but the quilting is done by hand. The quilt stitches vary in length, some long – toenail catchers – and some short. The lines of stitching aren’t straight.

To make these little pillows, I salvaged squares from a stained and worn vintage quilt. I can’t help but wonder about the person who created it. Was she a young girl just learning to quilt or an older woman with an unsteady hand? Did she sew in the evenings after her work was done? Did she have a dress made from the gold fabric? Was it even a woman who made the quilt? So many questions. I wish the quilt could talk.

I added the vintage buttons and a small hand crocheted doily ‘medallion’.

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