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Unlock Your Creativity – Step 3

We’ve explored the first two steps for Unlocking Your Creativity (First Step, Second Step) Let’s move on to the third step Vivian Banta suggests in her article posted at Creativity For Life!

Be brave and take a leap

Why do you need courage?

  • You may find yourself outside your comfort zone as you face the great ‘Unknown’.
  • If you’re learning a new skill, you may not be very good at what you’re attempting. At least not at first. Give yourself time to learn.
  • Depending on what you are trying to achieve, you may not have everyone’s support. If your new pursuit cuts into time you would normally spend with them, expect resistance. Chasing your dream can bring others face-to-face with their own unfulfilled dreams.
Jump in! Clear a spot on your calendar so you can sign up for a class. Prepare that proposal then schedule a meeting to present your idea. Get a library card so you can experiment reading a different genre without spending any money.
The October 2011 Prevention magazine reports that researchers at Johns Hopkins conducted a study and found that spontaneity activated the section of the brain associated with the creative “flow” state. The researchers believe that spontaneity can help us discover creative solutions and new ideas in all areas of our lives. So plan a free afternoon. Be open to the possibilities. Be brave and take the plunge.
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