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Decorating for Spring

Okay, honestly? I took my snowmen down last weekend! I love them, but they’d overstayed their welcome. Their extended stay was, of course, my fault. Redecorating my house isn’t high on my list of priorities. If I stick something up on the wall, it’s a good bet it will be there five years from now – maybe more. Seasonal switch ups are about all I do and they are not always well timed.

Spring finally came to my dining room. Here’s the top of the antique cabinet that holds my milk glass collection.

I found the worn Velveteen Rabbit years ago in a thrift store. The antique quilt piece is in a frame made by Daddy. He used authentic New England barn board. I raided my tote of vintage doilies to fill the vase on the right. I poofed and fluffed but did not iron them. If I’d had to stop to do that, the project would have come to a halt.

The small jar is filled with smooth stones from the beach. The chick to the right of the jar is antique and made of wool. I love the little guy. I made the chickie on the far right from a bit of antique quilt.

Using the best parts of a cutter quilt that is otherwise so worn it’s destined for the dump, is a way to honor and preserve the maker’s hard work. I often wonder about her (or him) as I use their original work in a new creation.

Soon I’ll have pictures of my mantle. Thank you for stopping by for a visit.

Angel Wings

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I gave angels their wings today!

These angels are simple to make and cute as can be. Made with wooden bodies and bits of old quilt for their dresses and wings, I used matching embroidery floss, wool roving and a vintage pearl button to add the finishing touches. They fit in the palm of my hand.

What project are you working on?

Sophie’s Quilt

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What was to be a family weekend at a lakeside resort became a survival situation for Sophie Moore and her three daughters in Out Of The Wilderness, my current work-in-progress. God’s provision arrived in the form of SEAL-turned-mercenary, Gray Kerr.

Reluctant to take on the responsibility of Blondie and her three smurfs, Gray couldn’t walk away and leave them and their disabled mini van in the forest. Fortunately, they weren’t traveling light. They had enough stuff in the van, including a quilt, for him to put together survival packs.

The Mariner’s Compass quilt pictured below was made by an Amish woman in Pennsylvania. It was a gift from my old roady. The only input I had was color suggestions. Didn’t he pick out a beauty? I love it so much, I had to include it in Sophie and Gray’s story.

What handmade gift do you cherish? Why is it so special?

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