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Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th

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The humble sock. It has so many functions. It will keep our foot warm when it’s cold. It will make wearing shoes more comfortable. It will had a spark of color or fun to a blah wardrobe day. The thing about socks – for the majority of us – they are best worn in matched pairs. Lose one and the other will¬†languish in single sock prison.

There are many reasons for some sock disappearances. Some are easily explained.
A household may shelter sock losers (they come in all ages) or a sock stealer –
 But the disappearances that have yet to be figured out are the ones that take place in the laundry room. That functional area of the home where socks vanish without a trace. No one sees or hears a thing. As a pair, the socks enter the wash and dry process but only one completes the cycle.

Here’s my theory: It’s the spinning! Whether washer or dryer, at some point in the process, the centrifugal force flings a sock into a parallel universe inhabited by a race of single footed folk who have no way of producing their own sock and, therefore, need a steady supply from our washers and dryers.

Today let’s remember all the sacrificial socks that have unexpectedly left home in order to make someone else’s foot a little warmer.

What’s your sock disappearance theory?

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