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Great Grampa Gavitt’s Suit Coats

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My folks have been cleaning out the home they’ve lived in since 1951. So many memories in every corner of the gray Cape Daddy built.

One item that came to light was a throw my (great) Grammie Gavitt made from her husband, Wills, wool suit coats. The small throw was used upstairs in the winter as an extra cover on our beds and went to the drive-in theater with us on cool summer evenings.

Grammie put two handles on opposite sides of the throw. I wonder what purpose they served? There is also some red bits of thread in the black pinstripe where she embroidered something that is now illegible.

I only know about my great-grandfather from the old family photos and stories I’ve heard. This throw made from his suit coats is a tangible connection to a man I never knew.

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